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Do Kaley's Kale Chips contains nuts and allergens?

Kaley’s Kale Chips do contain cashew nuts, sunflower seeds and in some cases dairy. All the flavours are processed in a dedicated facility that processes nuts and dairy. Good news though, Kaley will be producing a nut free version in early 2016.

Are Kaley's Kale Chips vegetarian or vegan?

All of Kaley’s chips are vegetarian, and some are vegan. The current vegan flavours are Bacon, JalapeƱo, Barbecue and Sea Salt. Kaley plans on making more vegan flavours in the future.

Where can I buy Kaley's Kale Chips?

Kaley’s Kale Chips are available in fine health food and grocery stores across Canada. Kaley is working on adding a search tool to the website soon so you can find the closest retail store that sells Kaley’s great chips. If your favourite store doesn’t carry Kaley’s, ask the store manager to contact our distributor Ecoideas Innovations at 1-888-735-7258 to order them!

Do Kaley's Kale Chips contain MSG?

No way! Kaley went to great lengths to produce popular flavours without the use of MSG, including common hidden sources like yeast extract and torula yeast. Kaley doesn’t like the effects of MSG and wouldn’t even think of putting it in her chips.

Are Kaley's Kale Chips Gluten Free?

You bet! Kaley’s Kale Chips sure are Gluten Free. A third party certificate of analysis shows that no gluten above 20 ppm is contained in any flavour of Kaley’s Kale Chips.

Are Kaley's Kale Chips Non GMO?

Absolutely! Kaley’s Kale Chips are GMO free. Kaley is presently working with The Non GMO Project to have all the Kaley’s Kale Chip flavours verified non GMO.

What food safety measures are in place?

Kaley’s Kale Chips are prepared with a vigorous and credible food safety management system in place. They are made in a brand new facility that is undergoing SQF certification by the Safe Quality Food Institute, as well as HACCP certification. The facility meets or exceed standards set out by the above certification methods as food safety is very important to Kaley.

Does Kaley's produce private label kale chips?

Yes. Please talk directly with Kaley about your private label needs. She’s pretty busy but if kale chip production capacity allows, she’s more than likely to help you out. Send your request to her at kaley@kaley’